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Magnetic Hex Driver Drill Set- 5 Bits
Magnetic Hex Driver Drill Set- 5 Bits
Magnetic Hex Driver Drill Set- 5 Bits
Magnetic Hex Driver Drill Set- 5 Bits

Magnetic Hex Driver Drill Set- 5 Bits

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Tired of wobbling screws preventing you from accurately drilling? Have you spent more time looking for lost screws than carrying out the work you set yourself to do?

Drilling work doesn't have to be this complicated, and this  Magnetic Hex Driver Drill  set is the answer to your problems. Its attachable magnetic tip fits to any kind of power drill and allows you to work faster and easier. Even the hardest to reach places won't be an obstacle anymore!


Its hardened shaft is engineered to resist corrosion and ensure long-lasting durability, which is perfect to use in all your heavy duty screwing works.

Versatile Use

It is designed to withstand the toughest job site conditions and is engineered to exceed the expectations of homebuilders, Remodeling Contractors, Plumbers, Electricians, and other construction trade. Ideal for working in awkward and confined spaces.

Extremely Powerful

Another safety feature you should look forward to is its strong magnetic feature, it will set your screw straight, helping to prevent cross-threading. Its attachable magnetic tip will securely fasten your bit onto your driver, hold the screw in place, reducing your worries on any wobbling and stripping. With its magnetic feature, you can now easily free up your other hand for anything else!




Long Lasting Magnetic Effect

This powerful magnetic drill set has been made so that the effect is long-lasting and resists all kinds of jobs. The shaft has been hardened and made resistant to corrosion, making it perfect even for heavy duty screwing work. While the tip is made of steel, so to ensure maximum durability and a magnetic strength that will help set even the most stubborn of screws. The drill set is also heat-treated, so to avoid any breakage and wear.

Magnetic Hex Driver Drill    set is the perfect addition to your tool kit, a durable solution to simplify your drilling and help you work faster than ever before.

Fast and Straight

The additional magnetic bit holders will make a great impact on your drivers or drills. It will save you a great amount of time and energy by quickly drilling screws. This feature eliminates the guesswork involved and sets your screws straight at a predetermined depth.


Screwing has never been so easy with this

Magnetic Hex Driver Drill Set- MMulti-Bit it is a perfect addition to your toolkit.



 ✔ Heat-treated to resist breakage
       and wear
 ✔ Shock resistant tool steel for
       maximum durability
 ✔ Match with any power drill and
       cordless drill
 ✔ Superior Magnetic Strength
 ✔ Straight and Fast
 ✔ Versatile Use